Rector's Message

Dear Students,

SANKO University was established in 2013 in Gaziantep, which is the capital of the region with its historical and cultural heritage, with the strong belief ‘service for people’. Our university was established as one of the first thematic universities in Medicine and Health Sciences with the aim of sharing knowledge and science. In that sense, it provides students with the opportunities not only to improve themselves but also to serve for their country and above all humanity.

The education infrastructure of our university is based on the needs of students and, is open to changes and innovations. With two faculties and two institutes, SANKO University offers education which enables students to support theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Our prime goal is to make the university life developmental as well as enjoyable with experienced staff and ample opportunities. For a pleasant social life, the location of our university and sociocultural activities will turn every single moment of your school life into a brand-new experience.

By its nature, health profession needs individuals who have improved themselves and the first step to be an adult is to have the awareness to be an individual. As SANKO University, the first step of our goal -service for people- is to raise your awareness in how to be an individual as well as providing you with professional knowledge. University education will be the most challenging but at the same time, the most useful educational process in your life. In this period, you will have all of the opportunities needed to improve yourselves and gain experience.

We are looking forward to the days when you become doctors, academicians, rectors and deans.

Warm regards..