Rector's Advisor

Prof. Dr. Özlem Soran

After completing her specialist training in cardiology (cardiovascular diseases) in 1996, Prof. Soran did her higher specialist training in heart failure at Pittsburgh University. During her work at Pittsburgh University, she started research into the efficacy of EECP therapy (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) in heart failure and her findings from these studies led the FDA to approve the use of EECP treatment in heart failure management in 2002. This research also led to her appointment as Director of the EECP Treatment Laboratory at Pittsburgh University and to her becoming a leading authority on the subject of heart failure.

Prof. Soran has been a guest speaker at more than 120 scientific conferences in America (American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association) and Europe (ESC Congress). She has been presented with awards in several scientific and academic areas of work, and also sits on the editorial boards of 10 prestigious cardiology publications. 

In 2004, Prof. Soran, now an associate professor, concentrated her research on chronic heart failure treatment and monitoring programs. In 2002 she was awarded a US government (Medicare and Medicaid) research grant, worth 3 million dollars, and in 2009 she presented her work in the “Late Breaking Clinical Trial” category at the ACC annual conference, becoming the first Turkish national to have work placed in the top 3 most influential medical research studies. In 2004 and 2005, she was invited to the Pittsburgh University Honors Convocation to receive a recognition award as the most successful lecturer. In the field of cardiology she has put her name to more than 130 publications and presentations.

With a second master’s degree in epidemiology, Prof. Soran is also an associate professor of epidemiology at Pittsburgh University. One of her areas of interest is prevention methods for coronary artery disease.

Department of Cardiology