Valued friends,

We have established a new university in Gaziantep, this “Gazi” (veteran) city of ours that is the cradle of civilizations….

Two million people currently live in Gaziantep, a treasured region of Anatolia and pride of Turkey, a model for provinces in the east and southeast Anatolian region, a city which cannot be praised too highly.  This is where we have founded a new university with the dream of making it the best university and medical science center in the region, a facility worthy of the stature of our seasoned Gaziantep.

At SANKO University, we have brought together renowned academics in the field of health sciences in order to further science and provide world-class education and medical services.The academic staff is, of course, vital if the priority is the provision of education at the highest quality. As such, when choosing our academic personnel, we looked especially for international experience. Simply knowing a foreign language was not enough; we first and foremost engaged staff who are fully conversant in their second language, i.e. those who have conducted scientific activities on an international level.  In addition, we plan to host skilled academics throughout the academic year, in particular individuals from the USA, so that they can share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our students, and for this we even set aside a significant portion of our start-up budget.

We have focused on “benefit to mankind” and embraced as our basic operating principles our highest human values, those values which are characteristic of our ancient civilization. Beginning with our own region, we want all humankind to benefit from SANKO University. We want our university to become well-known in the international scientific community, to have all its programs accredited, to conduct research that is used as a resource in other universities, to effect practical cooperation between the university, society and industry, and to be a preferred choice both nationally and internationally.

Towards the goal defined by our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as “raising our civilization to the level of modern civilizations”, and even towards the aim of acting as a guide to modern civilizations, we will strive with all our might and together make a success of SANKO University.

Here’s to a bright future!
Prof. Dr. Ahmet SINAV, CMI