Program Qualifications

Nursing Department
Purpose and Program Proficiencies

Purpose: Nursing practice involves health science and the art of patient care, the humanistic aspect of scientific knowledge, clinical practice, communication and social sciences.  The purpose of SANKO University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department is to train nursing professionals who protect and improve public health.

Program Proficiencies

Students who successfully complete their studies and earn a bachelor’s degree from SANKO University’s nursing department:

  1. 1. Access and use scientific and current knowledge specific to the field of nursing.
  2. 2. Are capable of assessing the accuracy, validity and reliability of information.
  3. 3. Follow new approaches and evidence-based practices in nursing.
  4. 4. Fulfill their professional role and responsibilities in nursing.
  5. 5. Act in accordance with professional ethical principles and values in nursing practice.
  6. 6. Use an integrated approach in nursing care.
  7. 7. Know and apply the fundamental theories and models of professional practice.
  8. 8. Use informatics and care technologies in their professional practice and investigation.
  9. 9. Employ critical thinking in their professional practice.
  10. 10. Perform nursing services which protect and improve health, and heal and rehabilitate as needed.