Program Qualifications

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department
Purpose and Program Proficiencies

Purpose: To train physiotherapists who have sound academic grounding, developed administrative, leadership and clinical decision-making competencies and effective communication skills, and who can work both locally and internationally, and provide healthcare service that prioritizes patient safety.

Program Proficiencies
This program will allow students to:

  1. 1. Gain the necessary background in fundamental clinical medical sciences and in the branches of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and become competent in using abstract and applied knowledge and skills in this area..
  2. 2. Determine, describe and formulate the factors affecting health, develop problem-solving skills, and use methods and techniques based on proper evidence.
  3. 3. Select the modern tools, techniques and modes required to carry out physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and become skillful in using them.
  4. 4. Plan multidisciplinary research in health sciences, keep records, collect pertinent data, and become skillful at analyzing and interpreting the results.
  5. 5. Review the literature to access information and become competent in using medical/health science data banks and information resources.
  6. 6. Gain self-sufficiency as an individual and as a member of the healthcare team, and develop the ability and confidence to take on responsibility and work effectively.
  7. 7. Embrace personal development, information literacy and the concept of life-long learning; contribute to quality improvement, education and publicity programs related to the field; and exhibit professional conduct  at international standards.
  8. 8. Develop and maintain an ethical conscience and awareness of the professional code of conduct.