President's Message

Abdulkadir KONUKOĞLU
Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

Driven by a profound sense of social responsibility, we are experiencing the joy of establishing a prominent university in Turkey which will focus solely on providing education in the healthcare field.

SANKO University will play an important part in improving the health sector in our country, since, in contrast to other universities, it will be a thematic establishment with its full power and academic wealth concentrated on education, training and research in healthcare.

Besides the medical school, SANKO University currently has a faculty of health sciences comprised of nursing, nutrition and dietetics, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments and, in the future, schools in other disciplines will be opened. At SANKO University, we aim to contribute to our country’s development through original research in medicine, provide a high standard of education to produce skilled medical and healthcare professionals, to create added value and offer the public the quality healthcare they deserve.

SANKO University’s target group is high-grade, successful, dedicated students who look to the future with confidence and wish to obtain a world-class education in healthcare.  Our teaching staff is comprised of academics who have international experience and achievements in their fields.

In addition, our university faces no obstacles in the provision of quality service, research, diagnosis and treatment since, through the Sani Konukoğlu Private Hospital – the largest private hospital under a single roof in Turkey – students have the opportunity to participate in quality hands-on education which is the universal standard for medical training.

Our goal is to make SANKO University an exemplary higher education institution, which, in addition to providing exceptional medical training, will carry out original scientific research and provide quality health care – Congratulations on this fortuitous event, Gaziantep and Turkey.