Our Vision and Mission


Sanko University was founded based on a strong sense of social responsibility. As such, its main mission is "SERVICE TO HUMANITY".  It fulfills this mission thorough the application of the triad of science, education and service.  The steps we take in order to achieve this are:

•  Fostering individuals who embrace humanitarian and social values, strive to develop and promote these values, are highly motivated to achieve success in their career, and who are  inquisitive and discovery-oriented.
•  Establishing ourselves as a university that meets global and national standards in education, research and practice; fulfils accreditation conditions; is highly competitive; and equips students with the necessary knowledge, qualifications, behavioral and technological skills to succeed in the job market.
•  Providing superior formal education as well as promoting knowledge and skills in all segments of society by means of certificate and diploma programs geared towards professional and personal development primarily in healthcare.
•  Conducting research into the health problems of our city, country and neighboring countries; developing adequate systems, labor force, knowledge, skills, and technology for diagnosis and treatment; and establishing top-quality organizations for diagnosis and treatment.
•  Translating knowledge and technology into innovation, in order to realize social and economic gain.
•  Ensuring that the methods developed through research and education have practical application via the institutions which are set up, giving priority to research and application-based education.
•  Creating an interdisciplinary educational and research environment through which we gain a competitive identity, and designing and carrying out a special postgraduate level project to fulfill this goal.

Unquestionably, if the fundamental value on which the identified strategies and policy instruments rest is the social responsibility of the Sani Konukoğlu Foundation and that of Sanko Holding, the economic power behind it; then promptly and in an optimal manner, the services must be conveyed rapidly to national society and to needful recipients.


Putting people first and foremost, the main theme of our vision is to show respect for science, ethical values, society, and the universe we live in.

While performing our services in education, research, practice and society, we are an institution that specializes in healthcare and the development of health technology, embraces and contributes to national and universal values, has the ability to meet national and global requirements, and is recognized by national and international accreditation bodies.