The main aim of SANKO University Library is to support the education and training programmes, provide our students and the staff with the sources of information,  and help the follow the developments both in our country and the world.

Functioning as the centre of learning and supporting scientific research, our prior goal is to provide the fastest access to the sources related to science and development.

The books in our library are set on the shelves based on Library of Congress Classification (LC.). The alphabetical order is used in this system for main topics.

Our library is a member of Anatolian University Libraries Consortium, Turkish Academic Network, and Information Centre and Interlibrary Loan Tracking System.

Our library gives importance to online publishments and database. Therefore, SANKO University is subscribed to the database that is included in EKUAL by Turkish Academic Network, and Information Centre. In addition, our library offers a wide range of collection of both hard copy resources (2400 pieces of books, scientific journals) and web based membership.

Our library gives service with 5 rooms for group work, 40 computers, a reading hall with the capasity of 100 seats.  


Serap AĞCA

Library Director

Phone: 0342 211 65 33

Ayşenur GÜN

Library Staff