General Information

Sanko University was established in Gaziantep to provide education in the field of medicine, and consists of the Main University Building, the Sani Konukoğlu Private Hospital, and the social facilities of SANKO Private Schools.

SANKO University’s main campus is in one of the most central locations in Gaziantep, and is comprised of the main university building and the Sani Konukoğlu Private Hospital.

Both the physical layout and technology of our main building were designed to meet the social and academic requirements of students, and academic and administrative staff.

Just next door is the Sani Konukoğlu Private Hospital, one of the best equipped hospitals in Turkey.

All students and staff of SANKO University may use the SANKO University Cultural Center for social and cultural activities, as well as the Abdulkadir Konukoğlu Sports and Culture Center (which is part of Sanko Private Schools).