Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor Degree Students

Students who have graduated from high school or institution equivalent to high school following the university entrance examination held by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center), and who have chosen a program at our university and been placed in one of our programs by ÖSYM, earn the right to study at our university.  To complete your registration quickly and easily, you will need to apply to our applications office with all the documents as specified in our notices.   We wish to remind you that failure to complete your registration within the required period will cause you to lose your place at the university.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • University Entrance Results Statement
    The placement results document downloaded and printed from the ÖSYM website
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • Photographs
    Six 4.5 x 6 cm photographs with your name and surname written on the reverse side.     (Photos should show a clearly recognizable, front view of candidate’s face, and have been taken within the last 6 months).
  • Residence Document or Declaration
    Paper or petition and statement from the Muhtar’s office or the Civil Registry Office
  • Criminal Record Clearance
    (From the Prosecution Office or downloaded from https://www.turkiye.gov.tr )
  • Military Service Certificate
    -If the candidate is exempt, a copy of the military service exemption certificate
    -If the candidate has completed his military service, a copy of the discharge paper
    -For male candidates born in 1991 or later, a report of their military service status from the military induction office.
  • Diploma
    Original of high school diploma (for new graduates whose diploma has not yet been issued, a recently dated temporary proof of graduation paper)
    For diplomas issued abroad, additional requirements are:
    - A notary-certified Turkish translation of the high school diploma.
    - A certificate of equivalence from the Turkish Ministry of Education or from a Turkish consulate abroad showing that the high school diploma is equivalent to a diploma obtained from a Turkish high school.
    - Certificate of results in any national or international examination approved by our university, provided the results were achieved within the requisite period, and not more than two years before present.

Click here for the admission requirements for foreign students.

  • Proof of Paid Tuition
    Bank receipt showing deposit of the tuition fee (students who have full scholarships will not pay anything).  Those who wish to pay their tuition in installments must pay 25% in advance, followed by the balance in 6 installments via a bank with which there is an agreement.

Where to Register: SANKO University
İncilipınar Mah., GaziMuhtar Paşa Bul. No.36, 27090 Şehitkamil /GAZIANTEP 


  • Documents sent by post will not be accepted and we will not register candidates whose documents arrive this way.
  • Copies or photocopies of the original documents requested for registration will not be accepted.
  • Students presenting incomplete documents will not be registered. Individuals who use counterfeit or altered documents, or who are determined to have cheated on the university entrance exam, or registered with false information, will be dis-enrolled and legal action will be taken against them.
  • Candidates who have not finalized their registration in the specified period will lose their right to enroll, and will have no further claim in this respect.


Tuition may be paid in advance.  Students who do not pay the full amount in advance must pay 25% when registering, and the remainder in 6 (six) equal installments, the first installment is to be paid the month after the initial down payment, and followed by one installment per month thereafter.

Please find our bank details below:

Banka ve Şube Adı Şube Kodu Hesap No IBAN Rumuz Döviz
T.VAKIFLAR BANKASI T.A.O.-G.ANTEP ORGANİZE SAN. ŞUBE 00889 00158007302463538 TR870001500158007302463538 HARÇ HESABI TRL
T.GARANTİ BANKASI A.S.-GAZIANTEP TİCARİ ŞUBE 001606 6294493 TR160006200160600006294493 HARÇ HESABI TRL
FINANSBANK A.S.-MERKEZ ŞUBE / GAZİANTEP 00348 48615185 TR580011100000000048615185 HARÇ HESABI TRL
DENIZ BANK A.S.-GAZIANTEP TICARI MERKEZ ŞUBE 04030 7653786-354 TR660013400000765378600005 HARÇ HESABI TRL