About the Department

Description of the profession: Nursing is a profession which protects and improves the health of individuals, families and society; and heals and rehabilitates the sick.

Department curriculum: Nurses have a vital role in healthcare, and in addition to courses in basic medical sciences (anatomy, physiology etc.), their education includes theoretical lessons and practical training in the fundamentals of nursing science (principles of nursing, internal medicine nursing, surgical care nursing, obstetrics and gynecology  nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing and public health nursing).

Category of points required: This department accepts candidates with YGS (Higher Education Entrance Exam) MF-3 category points.

Period of study: The nursing program takes 4 academic years to complete.

Fields of employment for graduates: Nurses may work in public and private hospitals, sports clubs, schools, school clinics, workplaces, nursing homes/assisted living facilities, municipalities, home care services, public health and community mental health centers, family health centers, and outpatient diagnostic and treatment facilities.  Our graduates may also pursue postgraduate studies, earning master and doctorate degrees and becoming members of the academic staff.