About the Department

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 

Definition of the profession: A physiotherapist is a professional healthcare worker who measures and evaluates pain and functional inadequacies arising from illness and disability, and based on their assessment, plans and carries out a suitable physiotherapy and rehabilitation program in order to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Department curriculum: Physiotherapy has an important role in healthcare, and physiotherapy education includes courses in basic medical sciences (anatomy, physiology etc.) as well as in clinical sciences (orthopedics, neurology etc.), and theoretical lessons and practical training in professional skills (e.g. pediatric rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation).  

Category of points required: This department accepts candidates with YGS (Higher Education Entrance Exam) MF-3 category points.

Period of study: This department’s program takes 4 academic years to complete.

Areas of employment for graduates: Physiotherapists can work in public and private hospitals, sports clubs, health and exercise centers, schools and special schools, centers for specific disease branches, nursing and convalescent homes, municipalities, home care services, and disease foundations and associations. Our graduates may also pursue postgraduate studies, earning master and doctorate degrees and becoming members of the academic staff.