A Message from the Institute Director

Based on Article 154 of Law No. 2547 dated 04.11.1981, the institute was founded by the Council of Ministers on 12.06.2013 in connection with the Rectorship of Sanko University, in order to coordinate post-graduate education and scientific research and applications.

For the Nursing Department, SANKO University Institute of Health Sciences has opened a “Master Degree in Nursing Thesis Program”, whose first students began their studies in the 2015-2016 fall semester.

SANKO University’s Institute of Health Sciences has made its mission to train research and solution-oriented individuals with inquiring minds, leadership qualities and respect for humanitarian values; and to contribute to life-long education and development in society by accessing, creating, sharing and applying knowledge.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the SANKO University Institute of Health Sciences’ aim in the field of healthcare is to foster students who pioneer in their own fields with their work and original thought in a wide range of subjects from science and technology to art and sport; to effectively spread the goal of life-long education; to achieve strategic goals through top-flight education, creative activities and service to society; and to be a leading, continually developing and innovating institution that is respected on the national and international level.

As SANKO University’s Institute of Health Sciences, we will strive towards being a constantly developing and renewing institute, opening new programs we believe will meet the needs of our time and our country, improving our existing programs and thereby continually increasing student numbers.

I thank all those who have had a hand in the work, and my whole team for their devoted contributions, and I wish everyone continued success.


Prof. Dr. Ayşen BAYRAM
Institute Director