• Driven by a profound sense of social responsibility, we are experiencing the joy of establishing a prominent university in Turkey which will focus solely on providing education in the healthcare field. 

    SANKO University will play an important part in improving the health sector in our country, since, in contrast to other universities, it will be a thematic establishment with its full power and academic wealth concentrated on education, training and research in healthcare.  >More

  • Valued friends,

    We have established a new university in Gaziantep, this “Gazi” (veteran) city of ours that is the cradle of civilizations….

    Two million people currently live in Gaziantep, a treasured region of Anatolia and pride of Turkey, a model for provinces in the east and southeast Anatolian region, a city which cannot be praised too highly.  This is where we have founded a new university with the dream of making it the best university and medical science center in the region, a facility worthy of the stature of our seasoned Gaziantep. >More

  • The Sani Konukoğlu Foundation was established in 1989 by SANKO Holding and the Konukoğlu family.

    In accordance with the Foundation Agreement, the Sani Konukoğlu Foundation has been increasing its services in education and health, and was awarded tax exempt status by Cabinet Decree No. 95/7663 dated on 20.12.1995.  >More